At the Psychiatric Care Clinic, we have expertise in diagnosing and treating a broad range of mental health conditions. We offer assessments to anyone who is 18 and over. We do not do ADHD or autism assessments, nor are we an emergency service, although we can arrange appointments at short notice. We offer face to face and secure online video consultations. We would usually request that you arrange a referral letter to us through your referrer.

At your first appointment, we carry out a detailed initial assessment that usually lasts about one hour. This involves a discussion about your mental health and your current concerns. It gives us the opportunity to understand how this is affecting your life and to hear a bit more about your background history. We will provide an initial opinion, followed by a discussion around suggested suitable treatment options.

We work collaboratively with you to tailor a treatment plan that you are comfortable with. If appropriate, you may wish to involve partners, families and any other relevant people. Treatment options include medication, which is prescribed by us, and we may also recommend onward referral to a therapist or other specialist. Our practice works closely with a number of therapists who deliver a wide range of therapies.

Depending on the outcome of the initial assessment, follow up appointments may be offered. These are usually for 30 minutes and will be arranged by your treating doctor.